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Who Are We?

Prince of Sea Company is a leading provider of ground transportation services in the Kingdom. The company was established with the aim of providing comprehensive and reliable transport solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. We take pride in our modern and advanced fleet of buses equipped with the latest technologies to ensure passenger comfort and safety.

We specialize in offering a wide range of transport services, including pilgrim transportation, educational and governmental transport, labor transport, and tourist transport. We are committed to efficiently and professionally meeting the needs of our clients through a dedicated and highly experienced team.

Bus Fleet
Years of Experience

Prince of Sea Trading, Contracting, and Transportation Company Limited was established more than twenty years ago in the city of Buraydah. Initially, it was known as Prince of Sea Trading, Transportation, and Bus Rental Institution, which was dedicated to all types of transportation.

Although it started small with a few branches in the Qassim region, it received significant attention from its founder. The idea was deeply believed in, leading the company steadily towards success.

Opening Jeddah Branch

Over time, like others, it has experienced its share of fluctuations, but it never lost focus on its goal of becoming a leader in the transportation sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The main objective of establishing this new company was to fill the existing gap in this field. The Jeddah branch was opened, achieving a significant leap for the company in terms of its bus fleet, equipment, and service upgrades.

Twenty years later

Today, with its presence throughout the Kingdom, the company provides comprehensive and distinguished services in the transportation sector. This includes offering a variety of buses from all global brands, in addition to providing top-tier post-transport services, which encompass maintenance, repairs, and quick services. This has made it one of the leading companies in this field.

With all this extensive experience and professionalism in work and dealings based on credibility, Prince of Sea Company Limited has established a prestigious position among its peers.

Our Team

Dhaif Allah Mutaib Al-Harbi

Chairman of Board of Directors

Muhammad Jamal Al-Shtewi

Financial Manager

Ghazi Sharaf Al-Din

Operating Manger

Our Core Values:


We prioritize passenger safety by rigorously adhering to the highest safety standards in all aspects of our operations.


We are committed to providing a comfortable and enjoyable transportation experience for all our customers through our modern and fully-equipped fleet.


We operate with high efficiency and professionalism to ensure superior services that meet our customers’ expectations.


We strive to achieve the highest levels of quality in our services by adhering to schedules and delivering services that meet the highest standards.


We embrace the latest technologies and innovations to ensure continuous improvement in our services and to meet new market demands.


We maintain effective communication channels with our customers to ensure understanding of their needs and responsiveness to their expectations.

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